My first Life Story on Video and its Impact 30 years later.


Listen carefully to the words being spoken, there is no-one to speak them anymore. No-one whose eyes saw what they saw: combat close-up in a world at war. Horace Huckle …a teenager onboard a plane carrying. 212lb bombs.


(BBC Broadcaster)



 Mike Truscott on Location


Charles Fox on Harrow School in the 1960s


Preserving personal oral family histories


You’re interviewing people to get their stories, their memories which is really important as a first hand account to a historian.

Lots of people regret not having taken a family member’s account …. they wished they had asked them more about it and taken some sort of record of what they were saying – no-one can repeat the story as well as the person who was there, where it first happened.

If you’re thinking about doing it you might as well do it well and get a proper video of it and have it preserved for ever so that you can pass it down to generations.


(Personal Historian)

Each on of our Life Stories on Video comprise of a number of different scenes – rather like chapters in an autobiography – and cover different events or eras in our character’s life. These are then seamlessly woven together and  exported to DVD or MP4.file.

Have a look at Steve Massey’s Life Story on Video on the next page (Ex Professional Footballers). We have included 11 scenes from it for illustrative purposes.

I urge you to pursue your personal history to allow your children and grandchildren to know who you were as a child and what your hopes and dreams were.


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