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It is now less than a week to Chill on the Hill 2 and I am really looking forward to it. It will be my last bit of excitement, action and travel out of Cornwall for some time as the date for my hip replacement has been brought forward to Friday 7 June. So this is my final video and blog,  probably til September. But who knows? I hopefully have a couple of work experience students joining me for a week each this summer.





As a one off  for this video only I have done the introduction; in part it is a review of the past year from my vantage point. I also feature video testimonies from David Nock (Plymouth and Norwich 1970 – 77), Andrew Blair-Rains (Clyde, 1975-78) and Martin Bee (Plymouth and Norwich, 1946-55)  from the RAC Club Reunion back in the autumn of last year. I hope you’ll like it.











I also address the following question that a number of you have asked me this year:

“Why are you doing all this work for Kingham Hill School on an expenses-only basis?” 

I’m not sure that the answer I give on camera is any better than some of my tentative responses shared with a number of you in person. However, I have given it a go, been honest about  one or two disappointments I have had and I have also set a challenge for you.

To be honest, speaking to camera was not a great experience for me. I struggled. Thank goodness for B roll!

I would like to record here in this blog, as I have on the video, my sincerest appreciation for the support, friendship and generosity that Nanci has afforded during these past 12 months. She has a real heart for her work and I have enjoyed helping her build the alumni community.

I mention towards the end of my piece to camera that I will be running a video booth in one of the gazebos on Saturday and I hope that many of you will drop by. If you fancy sharing an anecdote, or two or a profound insight from your time on the hill, I would love to record it, but please don’t feel that you have to. There’s no need to avoid me like the plague.

Now for the video – See you on Saturday:

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