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Nanci is incredibly busy making preparations for the second Chill on the Hill which will take place in three weeks time on Saturday June 1st. If last year is anything to go by it will be a cracker and hugely enjoyable.

I am hoping to get there and looking forward in particular, to meeting up with my former colleague Bill Harvey.  Bill was the Sheffield Housemaster and I assisted him (I think) as his House Tutor for the year I was at Kingham (1979-80). I say “hoping to get there”; I am due to go under the surgeon’s knife sometime in June and have a hip replacement. I don’t think that I am going to get in before the last week in June, but you never know. I taught the surgeon’s son at Truro School before retiring but it doesn’t seem to have helped me move up the waiting list. It now looks like I am going to miss filming the start of the next football season and that is serious.

For the benefit of those who did not attend last year’s Chill on the Hill or haven’t seen my previous blogs, I include two additional old videos  as well as an exciting new video on the same theme.

Last year I attended COTH with my wife Ruth and my daughter Melody and met Nanci for the very first time. I happened to have on me my new Zhiyun Smooth 4 gimbal and experimented with it on my old iPhone 5S. I chose a piece of music that I associate with my time on the Hill and put it out on my Piran Films YouTube Channel. Feel free to subscribe to the channel if you so wish and because you are decent people. I am slowly easing my way to the magical 1000 subscribers – an important threshold for a video creative.

Video of Chill on the Hill 2018

One of the alumni who features on the video is Alex Paterson who many of you will remember as Duncan, from Sheffield house in the 1970s. I got chatting to him on a guided tour of the chapel and library that day. I have subsequently met up with Lx on two occasions: one of my early video interviews was with him in Wandsworth and the other in Oxford at one of his Orb concerts. This is Lx’s take on last year’s Chill on the Hill that I posted a number of months ago, but some of you will not have seen it:


Video of Duncan Paterson’s Reflections on Chill on the Hill 2018 



I have met with a number of alumni over the past nine months and the last video interview I did was of the Harris brothers  in Lyme Regis last month, when I stayed at my old childhood home town. They live and work across the border in Devon and we found a quiet spot at the Alexandra Hotel, where I was staying. Mark was one of the younger boys in Sheffield House when I was tutor there. My, how he has grown up, in more ways than one. At last year’s event our paths crossed again on a tour of Sheffield House. At Lyme, Mark and Simon both waxed lyrical about their time in Sheffield House and, towards the end of the video interview, I asked them to cast their minds back to last year’s Chill on the Hill. This is what they had to say about the day.

NEW Video of Simon and Mark Harris’ Reflections on Chill on the Hill 2018

I have asked if  Nanci would  set up a gazebo for me at this year’s Chill on the Hill with a decent backdrop of the school and some of the boarding houses. I would like to invite you all to drop by and say “hi.” If you have a funny anecdote or two from your time at Kingham or wish to share a profound observation to camera, that would be great. With the hip op due very soon, I am going to struggle to get any more testimonies and life stories on video in the proverbial can after June 1st for up to three months. So please come along, have a good laugh and help me out.

Next video: Stories from the Hill 15: RAC Club Reunion


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