Many of the elite ex professional footballers generally commit their football memories to the printed page in the form of a biography, and employ the services of a ghost writer.

At we offer a modern, more cost effective and time saving alternative: your life story in football (and beyond) recorded on video. We will tailor make it to suit your needs. Your video biography will be something that you will want to share with your family and friends. Your memories, photographs and video clips will all be locked down in one place and preserved. It will become an heirloom.

Generally we like to conduct a couple of interviews with you to camera at the location of your choice. One of them will centre around your old photographs and football memorabilia.

If you wish, we can also film and include B roll footage of you in around your family and friends and perhaps even visit one of your former professional clubs. Most things are possible, depending on your budget.

In order to gain a greater insight into our product, have a look at some of the following scenes from ex professional footballer, Steve Massey’s Life Story on Video:

Scene 1: School


Scene 2: Turning Professional


Scene 3: Stockport Memories


Scene 4: George Best


Scene 5: A Postcard Home


Scene 6: Transfer Deadline Day


Scene 7: Managers


Scene 8: Daily Mirror


Scene 9: A New Life


Scene 10: Helston


Scene 11: Mum and Dad

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