An integral part of many a Life Story on Video is the inclusion of converted old Super 8 cine films and video tapes that would otherwise never see the light of day again. At Life Stories on Video we offer the following transfer services:

1) A straightforward unedited transfer of your old cine films and video tapes straight to DVD.

2) An edited transfer where we remove the rough takes, shorten the shots and endeavour to tell the story of the footage to incidental music, as we did with the  Sarah Barker example (cine) and Family Holiday in Devon (VHS video).

3) A complete re-edit and colour correction of the cine / video tape footage, as we did recently with the Kingham Hill School Super 8 film that I made in 1980. The film was originally a 25 minute silent film. We edited it down to just over 11 minutes and added audio tracks comprising of sound effects, music and a scripted narration by our professional voice, Patrick Pearson Miles.

Cine Transfer: Kingham Hill School (1979-80)


I’ve been delighted to work with Mark at Piran Films. Since discovering an old silent film in the the school archives, it’s been wonderful to see it brought back to life in a way that everyone can enjoy, adding narrative and sound to ensure that it tells a story for all who see it in the future.  He is great to work with, very accommodating and highly skilled.

harriet-deardenHARRIET DEARDEN.

(Development Director, Kingham Hill School.)

Cine Transfer: “Sarah Barker”(1983)


Video Transfer: “Family Holiday in Devon” (1995)


Video Transfer: “Melody” (1992-2000)


When it comes to video transfer, we can generally handle most formats e.g. VHS-C, VHS, Betamax, Video8, Hi8, MiniDV, HDV etc.

1)    The simplest and cheapest transfer is the unedited copy to DVD or mp.4 format.

2)    The next in line would be a simple edit where we shorten the length of clips and delete those that are out of focus, poorly exposed or where the user thought they had paused by were still filming etc. Look at our “Family Holiday in Devon” (1995), which was cut to music as well.

3)     The more expensive option is to allow us to ruthlessly edit your tapes into a series of  compact, compelling and fast moving montages as we did with our “Melody” (1992-2000) film, that was also cut to music.

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