Aiden Vincent is an irreverent young Cornish YouTuber (MrAidenRule) who recently completed a successful work experience with Mark Huckle. The video is a small token of his appreciation and support.

Imagine Preserving Your Memories Forever. Imagine Preserving Those of Your Parents.

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Nanci Austin

Development Officer at Kingham Hill School Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire


Mark has an amazing way of putting together stories on film. He gets it and delivers quality, funny, creative and interesting pieces.


Artist and Garden Designer


I felt quite apprehensive at first but Mark and his daughter immediately made me feel very relaxed and I found the questions were just enough to encourage me to ad lib about my experiences living here and with the family business and with being an artist.

This has to be the way forward for memories, recording them and then producing  an audio visual  record of people’s lives. No longer are we going to be looking at old fashioned albums – with all the photographs coming unstuck and impossible to look at.




The whole procedure from start to finish was not only very easy but also extremely enjoyable. I was a bit apprehensive before we began, but Mark put me immediately at my ease and he was very professional, and frankly, he came across as being genuinely interested in my life.
What with the filming on location, the selecting of old photographs and so on, I quickly found myself not just reliving old memories but actually recalling things I had long since forgotten.
As for the end product. What can I say? I can’t remember when I last received something of such immense value. It is no exaggeration to say that the whole experience has been  genuinely  moving and certainly worth every penny. I’d recommend it to anyone.

Steve Massey

Ex Professional Footballer


“We spent hours going through… asking questions …  and the stories all come back. It’s done in a lovely relaxed manner. You dictate the pace and the direction you want to go in, but Mark is always there to lead you if you need it (which he is very subtle at doing)….And it is just a fantastic experience. It is wonderful.”

When a parent dies, it’s the end. I always wanted to chronicle the family history with my mother. That’s one regret I have. I didn’t get as much of the family history as I could have for the kids.

(Robert De Niro)


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